Peace, Love & Run LIM 

Victory was made today as I completed the 2nd Annual Latinas in Motion Peace, Love And Run 5k.  I’ve been commiting to do a 5K a month to get myself back into run mode and back into shape. I am stillon a journey to complete my 1st half marathon injury free. I’ve been planning my races since the fall of 2015. 

After a meniscus injury in April 2014 and getting surgery in July 2015 I’ve on the road to recovery of gaining endurance, strength and stamina to run again. Summer 2015,  I discovered that I have another ailment cervical spondinosis that caused me neck and right shoulder pain. 

After a recent, 30lb weight loss I feel that alot of the imflamation that my body was holding has demished by 75%. 

Now about my victory, I decided to do this race as a change of pace. It was held in Philadelphia in the park of Friends Hospital. The weather was great and at the start it was 75 degrees. Running in the trail ways of this parks, I like to call it Gods natural sauna becuase of the trees. It seems that the air is a little thicker due to humity.

Here I am with the pink long socks. 😄

The course was very hilly. I forgot that parks are hilly here in Philadelphia. Boy did my glutes feel that! But I feel I conqurered. I know now that the hills is what make us stronger and faster. I felt that the decline of the many rolling hills allowed me to make up alot of time and therfore resulted in my PR for the day. 

As you look at my race itinerary you will see that I shaved 3:01 off my last 5k time. Whoot Whoot! Yes I am doing the happy dance and feel victorious! 

I am so excited for my next race and looking and planning to run on the 4th of July. It was on the 4th of July in 2013 i ran my best 5k time. So I am working my way back to 34:23 and below. My goal is to run a steady 10 minute mile for my half marathon. My pace today was 13:34. 
The energy of this race was great! You can feel the love from the community. 

I was able to meet Elaine Johnson the founder of Latinas in Motion and share from one race director to another.

On a runners high for my new PR and a new metal added to my son’e memorial wall. I run for him becuase he can’t run and to help keep me in shape too. 

#5kfanactic #run4u 

Any tips to help me run at a faster pace?