Secrets to Flawless Skin

We have all heard the saying  beauty is skin deep. Right?  Well the secret to having beautiful skin is in your skicare prep.  How is your skincare regime these days?

I have learned that there are 4 key elements needed to having a healthy layer of skin.

One must cleanse, tone, moisturize and restore . Here’s how I use my Younique skincare and cosmetics to  make a beautiful canvas. I have nutured my way to an anti aging solution with curing my racoon eyes of dark circles, puffiness and acne prone skin.

Got PCOS?  Take my skincare challenge and heal your skin.  I can testify that since using this skincare line that my face is less oily. Using the illuminate cleanser in clear with the botanical Rosewater and Divine moisturizer my skin is clean, refreshed with a clear complextion due to less breakouts and blackheads.

Your skin will thank you!

Watch in this video.

I love how this naturally based skincare line dosen’t over dry or strip my skin. The Divine moisturer is simply divine and rehydrates the skin all year round.

Stay tuned for our complete Royal skincare line launching September.

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Cyber Monday Lips

Nothing like a pretty Lip 💋 Right? Do you have an obsession with lipstick? Well have you tried Opulence Lipstick by Younique? Here is a chance to get our Exclusive shade that was released in August called Stuck up.

I love the creamy moistuzing feel our lipstick has. They are highly pigmented and long wearing. Stuck up is a nice nude natural color for your everyday look.  Here is my first discovery of lipstick. Nice right? I think so 😄 

We were just tweeted by Cosmopolitan for being a top lipstick.  So who is ready to get your lips on fleek with Stuck up?  My Cyber Monday special can help you do that. Mske a $50 purchase in my 12 Days of Christmas Beauty Shoppe and get the lipstick FREE! Shop here at

Merry Christmas.  💋