I am Lysa E. Bishop aka known as bfit4lifer on social media 😄 I am the mother of 2 boys, 25 and 23.  I’ve been married for 22 years and I Co-pastor the Victory Outreach Camden Church.  In 2006,  I started my fitness journey to become a healthier me which lead to be me beginning bFIT4Life Ministries in 2009.  We started as a fitness ministry as part of my local church.  I took my passion of blessing bodies and saving souls to  operating The bFIT Studio, Camden’s 1st fitness Studio in 2012. My Studio now operates as a mobile personal training and online coaching platform.

I wear many leadership hats, is loyal, strong and fit but do not have a 6 pack abs. I am on a mission to change lives thru the products and services I offer.

I love  to empower  other women to be the best version of themselves. ” Healthy is Sexy and so is Curvey”. With obesity on the rise, I want to help as many overcome this illness and ‘bfit4life’.  I’ve learned so much about fitness and nutrition over the last 7 years and want to transmit that to others and build a community of bFIT4Lifers TRIBE.< span id=”img_container_CFFFF7AB-2AF8-4CE0-9ABF-E9B41029F981″ class=”img_container”><<


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