5th and Final Broad Street Run

My 5th and final Broad Street Run! I conquered, PR’d and endured til the end. It was a humbling race and I enjoyed every minute of it. So many things were deposited in my spirit as I ran. Confirmation of the promises and my purpose in life was solidified during this race. There was definitely some heavy weights that I needed to shake off and release. This past year, running although it is my frenemy has been my place of healing and therapy.

There has been 2 pivotal quotes that have been my driving force since 2015. “The prize is in the process.” And “In my hard, getting strong.” Many know that I attribute all my runs to my son, Daniel who has Cerebral Palsy and will never walk or run until he gets to heaven. I also run for the mission and ministry that the Lord has blessed me with and that is to bFIT4Life.  To help others to overcome the plight of obesity.  The ‘hard’ in my life has been raising a child with disabilities. The pain and stress has taken a toll on me physically which caused me to be overweight most of my adult life. I choose my ‘hard’ (running) and was determined to get strong. Running is hard for me but something I am growing to love because it it takes me back to my youth days.

I have had a Love hate relationship with Broad Street Run since 2014.   I injured my knee the month before race day with a torn meniscus and was determined to still run. I love the energy and the spirit of the city during this race and that is why I love to do this race.

at Broad Street ….. I catch up with my Latina friends Maria and Katina at the start. Thankful for Maria getting me a free entry into this race because it was meant for me to run it.

Making my way to mile 1, I pasted Rockland Street. A Street that I once owned a house that I lost in 2010. Today symbolized that lost as a new gain. Three months from now I shall be a new homeowner in New Jersey and I shall not morn that lost again.

TODAY…iRan BSR with the intentions of PRing. Setting a personal record from my first run in 2011. My goal was to do it under 2 hrs but that was putting alot of pressure on me. Definitely wanted to do it in 2 hours or under 02:15.

I still have a lot of work to do in maintaining my pace. I started off at about a 11:30 pace and ended at a 13:00 pace. My first defeat was to get to the 5th mile under an hour and I did.

Go Lysa….. I was so glad to Reach City Hall which is Mile 6. This is the South side of Philadelphia. South Philly is where the spirit of the city and my Adrenaline picks up. At this point I was still feeling pretty strong and focused to get pass the 8th mile which is usually my wall. My body usually starts to break down at the 8th mile. I stopped a few times and wanted to use the potty but I kept on going. I so wanted to finish and didn’t want to slow down. I am chasing a PR and that clock at this point.

Mile 7.5……. Rain clouds approaching and here comes the rain. I started praying, “Oh Lord Broad Street you know I am not that kind of runner. I don’t do the rain.” Broad Street really wanted to humble me this race. I was determined with everything in me not to be walking across the finishline. I rain through a rain shower for 5 minutes. It was cold because it was already breezey out and the temps were about 62 degrees. Cold for me. I thank the one person that dropped s ziplock bag with some candies in it do that I could protect my phone. 🙂

Still making my way to mile 8 and beyond I was JonesING for some Gatorade. I could tell I was low on potassium and electrolytes at this point. My right calf was starting to cramp. OMG I cried! I wanted to stretch but was afraid to. I slowed it down. It was my slowest mile 15:21. Finally, the Gatorade stop and I guzzled like a warrior. I had a moment that the calf cramps stopped me dead on where I literally felt paralyzed and couldn’t move and take another step. I prayed again. Broad Street you will not beat me this year. I guess the salts kicked in.

PRESSING my way to the 9th mile, I started picking up speed. Back to a 13:00 minute mile pace and taking it slow and saying to myself BSR you will not beat me this final race. I am about to have a testimony. My motivational end of workout song came on,  Can you feel it by the Jackson 5’s . I was making my way into the shipyard and approaching the last photographers trying to look happy and victorious 🙂

With the finishline in view and only needing to go about a .10 of a mile to cross that finishline. The word of the Lord came to heart. “Therefore we also, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every weight, and the sin which so easily ensnares us, and let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, looking unto Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, who for the joy that was set before Him endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” Hebrews‬ ‭12:1-2‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

I could hear the shouts, the cheers and the praises from on high above the Jackson 5.

I had to shout ‘to God be the Glory!’ It is Finished! I PR’d by 2 minutes. With a finish time of 2:13:13 from my 2:15 time in 2011. Thank you Jesus.

That’s right I Prüvit! Thanks to my KETONE supplement I had the energy needed to complete the 10 miles. I am closing the books on Broad Street now time to work on speed work and becoming a 5K fanatic !



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