My 5 Favorite Things

Tis is the season for my favorite things. There are many things that I can’t live without and the first  is my iPhone 7 Plus. Why? I love the size, it is my mini computer. It is my everything and how I run my business daily. 🙂 

Second is my water.  I have a favorite water and it is Penta because of it’s refreshing taste.  This water is purified.  It gives  my body great hydration especially when I am detoxing and need to cleanse.  Most of the time I drink Essentia because it is an akaline water that helps to keep me ph balanced and a strong immune system. Did you know that a strong immune system will help ward off illness and disease? 

Third are my Younique Products. This is what the center of this blog post will be about. My new Royalty skincare line is amazing. 

I love the cleansers to the Divine moisturizer. I never used a moisturizer until I discovered Younique. Why? Because I have oily skin and once my face was washed I wanted it dry. I don’t like the feeling of oils or anything heavy on my skin. 

The skincare has been a game changer for me and great for my skin. I have found my match and they are the base to me preserving my pretty. I love how the skincare is naturally based and rich in vitamins for my skin. We offer the Pore Purifiying Cleaser for oily skin and theMoisture  Boost Cleanser for normal to dry skin. I use both . On days after applying the mask, I use the moisture cleanser to add moisture back into my skin. 


My newest crave is the Detoxifying Charcoal mask. Which has been a game changer in the the oil control of my skin. Using the detoxifying mask 3 times a week  has made my skin more on the normal side and I love it!  My makeup holds much better and I don’t get an oily shine as fast. 

Besides our Liquid Touch Foundation because of the flawless finish,  I would say that our beachfront bronzer is a fave too! I love how it brightens up my face in all the right places. Our Malibu is my favorite out of the three we offer. 

Lastly, I am such a fan of our Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lash + Mascara. This was the 1st product I purchased from Younique. I was looking for a mascara that would make my itty bitty lashes show up with some volume and boy did it delivered!  My lashes are very little thanks to PCOS. Two applications and my natural lashes can appear to look false. This mascara is hyper allergenic, doesn’t irritate my eyes or smudge my contacts. It is waterproof and can stand the heat. I tested the mascara in hot yoga. 

Get ready because we will reboot with a relaunch of a reformulated version of this product on January 15th. Reformulated to give you the best lashes ever! 

Want to be part of this mascara revolution when it launches? Contact me to get on my preorder list. 



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