I Am The Perfect 10

The day had come where I particpated in The Perfect 10 miler. An all female race that took me 3 years to get to injury free! 

I felt that I was mentally ready for this race because I’ve done a 10 miler a few times before but did’t think I was physically ready because I had not conditioned myself in my last long run while training for this race. I set out to dedicate each mile to a signicant other or special group of people. Overall I contribute all my runs in honor to my 25 year old son, Daniel, who has Cerebal Palsy and can not walk or run. 
The dedication list. 
I thought this was a great organized race with great scenery and course. The course was not completely flat. That 8th mile! 
My 10 miles thoughts. I was overjoyed that my husband who I call ‘b’ took the day off from preaching at church to come cheer me on with my son at the finishline. Miles 4,5 and 7 represented personal training clients that I am currently training in there weightloss journey. Mile 4 was an emotional one as I thought of my friend who is going through alot of physical and emotional pain. For me it was a pressing point because up until now I had been only competing in 5K’s and here is where the rubber met the road. I had to push a little further. 

October 23rd was the day of the Breast Cancer awareness walk and I thought of loved ones and friends who are currently battling or are survivors of cancer. 
The 8th mile was a little sticking point for me. We know that the number 8 represets new beginnings. I thought about the new community of inviduals I would meet and get to work with globally as I launch my new bFIT4Lifers Tribe online training and coaching platform. I had to make a descion to close my studio location and shift into a new direction. This mile marker was bitter sweet!
No only was the 8th mile a sticking point but my body was beginning to sore up. My left hip flexor and PNF muscles where feeling it. J started off this race with my inner thights feeling sore from a Thursday trainibg session. I also was thinking anout my last Broad Street Run 10 miler where I got to the 8th mile and my right leg caught a crap in my hamstring and I had to walk to the finishline. Not today I thought. Looking at my Garmin, I was good on time and said I’d continue to gallaway my way there. If I’d keep this pace and not go too hard I can still PR and not crap up. 
I tried my best to stay an 11 minute mile pace and stay with the race pacer pack but at this sticking point they blazed by me. It was me and the road looking for the finishline. At that point I took a minute to stretch and proceed on because I was shooting for that PR. My initial goal was to finish under 2hrs but that was me over pushing myself. I knew that I was going to PR and do better than my last BSR time of 2:42 . It puts me back close to my 1st BSR time of 2:16. I attribute the time difference from me stopping to strech and catch a few pics.
The victory is sweet! A new 10 miler PR and a Perfect 10 finisher. Such a happy camper. A finish time of 2:18:23. The Prize is in the Process! 
Got to meet some new ladies from the great Black Girls Run community who I was representing. I found out that I was 1 out of 33 Lisa’s that ran this race and I was able to meet another Lisa. 
CgiRacing did a great job and I plan on running again next year. My next stop is a 10k and the my 1st Half Marathon in November.

I Am Super and a Perfect 10! ~bFIT4Life


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